Hello! Whilst working as a runner in the TV industry in 2016, I founded SevenTwo to create short films for small businesses. I put SevenTwo on hold as I progressed my TV career and in 2020 resurrected it to house my longer form film ideas. My passion is telling stories.

Since 2018 I have worked as a Producer at DAZN, with a focus on running the NFL output in Canada. I have had the pleasure of travelling across the USA, to multiple Super Bowls, and have worked with some of the best TV talent in the sporting world. View the showreel below.


I have also had the opportunity to work across other sports, including co-producing DAZN's award-winning documentary One Night: Joshua vs. Ruiz, which was executive produced by Sylvester Stallone. You can watch the trailer for One Night below.

I don't just do the big screen stuff either. I have videos on YouTube and TikTok with ONE MILLION VIEWS and pride myself in having the understanding of various platforms and how to tell stories to different generations.